I bloody love high heels

Gold killer heel stiletto sandles

What woman doesn’t like high heels, even when she can’t wear them anymore?

My favourite dancing shoes were white stiletto sandles, with a low platform and buckled ankle strap. God, how I loved those shoes! At 5′ 7″ I was already tall for those days, we’re talking 1970s here, which made me 6′ 1″ with the shoes. Tall enough to look down on everyone, and I did. I felt magnificent, an Amazon in f**k you shoes. And I could dance, all night if I was in the mood and had a partner who could hold the pace. Tall, skinny, confident and sassy, that was me.

gold_shoe_tall_pink_blogSo when I saw these stunning gold leather stilettos it was love at first sight.  I had to have them.  And why not?  Why not buy the gold leather stilettos, just for old times sake? I may not dance in them, but my god, they bring back the memories!

And now they can be yours too – on a “I bloody love high heels” t-shirt, or on luggage that REALLY stands out at the airport.

I’m a Zazzle affiliate and earn from qualifying purchases.


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