Fruity picnic

Wow, it’s hot.  Summer’s here and it’s hot!  Time to think about lazy days at the beach, strolls along the promenade and picnics.  Which is why I’ve titled my latest drawing “Fruity Picnic”.


I was inspired by slices of watermelon – cool on a sunny day – and ripe red cherries, oranges and lemons, limes and kiwi fruit, all in rows just waiting to be eaten.  With cornflowers to remind me of grassy meadows.

So, when you’re sitting in the gloom of the London underground, why not have a bright phone case to remind you of “Fruity Picnics”?  There are two versions, one to personalise with your name, and you can choose the style of case and phone.

Fruity picnic pattern - personalised iPhone 7 case
Personalise it!
Fruity picnic pattern of fruit and flowers Case-Mate samsung galaxy s8 case
Choose your phone and style!

And there are lots more products to choose from, here are just a few, click on the picture to go to the full collection on Zazzle …

Fruity picnic
Fruity Picnic from Zazzle



I’m a Zazzle affiliate and earn from qualifying purchases.

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