Forkin’ Weeds

I’m so excited – we just got ourselves an allotment!

What’s an allotment?  Well it’s a plot on a community garden where you can grow stuff to eat.  A dirt patch.  A vegetable patch.  A little area of heaven.

Ours is rented to us by our local council, for a small (very small) annual fee.

The thought of all that lovely, home grown, fresh veg is making my mouth water. The thing is though, there’s an awful lot of work to be done this winter before we can even so much as sow a radish seed – Tony loves radishes.  Most of the plot is covered in grass, and we’ll have to dig out beds to plant in.  There are brambles to clear, and we’ll need to put up a shed.

I’ll need a new, warm, sweatshirt, and maybe a hoodie too.  And a mug for allotment tea of course.  And a notebook to write down all those ideas, hints and tips.  Fortunately, those good people at Zazzle have exactly the right products …



I’m a Zazzle affiliate and earn from qualifying purchases.


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