Of WW1 and sanitary towels

Well ladies, it sounds incredible, but you have the First World War to thank for providing you with disposable sanitary towels!

So how did that happen then?

In 1924 the manufacturing company Kimberly-Clark created an absorbant wadding made from processed wood. It was called Cellucotton and was a boon to WW1 nurses who used it in place of reusable cloth rags to staunch bleeding from soldiers’ wounds – and, no doubt, found another very convenient and personal use for it.  As the used Cellucotton could be thrown away it was more hygienic to use, and saved work too.

When the war ended Kimberly-Clark needed to find an alternative use for Cellucotton and came up with the idea of marketing disposable sanitary towels. Prior to this women were using cloth rags which had to be washed and reused, a not very pleasant task when there were no automatic washing machines. Who, exactly, came up with the idea I don’t know, but at the time it was a groundbreaker. The product ended up being marketed as Kotex (from cotton textile), and the days of using cloth rags were over.

Well, they were over for many years, but perhaps not any more. More and more we are turning to environmentally friendly reusable pads as the disposable ones usually end up in landfill waste sites, and many contain unrecyclable plastic.

What’s that saying? “What goes around comes around.”

If you’re interested and want to find out more about non-disposable options for period protection, you could take a look at Earthwise Girls


All of which leads me neatly to this week’s product – a beautiful, customisable zipped bag from Zazzle which is perfect to keep sanitary items in, whatever your choice of product.

This zipped cosmetic bag is just right for those personal items every woman needs. It’s perfect for carrying disposable sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and reusable sanitary towels, with a sense of fun to cheer up what can be a miserable few days.


Want more choice?  Here I’ve made a collection of zipped cosmetic bags. Some can be customised with your initials, others have a sense of fun to cheer up what can be a miserable few days.


I’m a Zazzle affiliate and earn from qualifying purchases.

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