Stashbuster Crochet wrap

Perfect wear for a cold morning

This is a real stashbuster!

There’s nothing more fun than starting with an idea and seeing where it takes you. 

I had odd balls of yarn sitting in my stash doing nothing, and it was time to start using them. So, this shrug started as a simple crochet rectangle of rows in 5 colours, worked out each way from the middle to form two matching halves. That made me happy – stash halved.  But I still had several balls of red left. Ha, I thought, I’ve got a use for you, and carried on crocheting them into rows of red around the outer edges, then continuing across the bottom to make deep panel, shaped at the sides.  Finally, I added the red collar. Red used up.

The back, see the collar at the top

I used 5 colours; pale pink, pale blue, darker mottled blue, dark green and mottled red, all of them wool yarns.  Altogether, 11 x 100 gram balls, 4 of them red.

The front, sleeve seams joined

The next step was to sew the side and bottom edges together to form a wide sleeve, with a decorative red button at each corner.

Sleeve detail, and decorative button

That kept my arms warm, but the whole thing kept slipping off my shoulders when I put it on, so I added a matching big red button at the front with a loop fastening to keep it in place. Job done. Now it stays put.

Admittedly, it makes me look like a proper granny when I wear it, but it sure is warm!

If you feel like copying the idea, just use any leftover yarn you have, but please make sure that they are all the same weight and thickness.

Here’s me in an old t-shirt and jeans, but my hands are warm!

The basic pattern stitch is:

Base chain – multiple of 3 + 1

Row 1: 1tr in 4th tr from hook, 2 ch, 1dc in same ch as last tr, *skip 2ch (2tr, ch, 1dc) in next ch. Repeat from * to end.

Row 2, Pattern Row: 3ch, skip 1st dc, (1tr, 2ch, 1dc) in 1st 2 ch space *skip (2tr + 1dc), (2tr, 2ch, 1dc) in next 2 ch space. Repeat from * to end. Turn

Repeat Row 2.

Note: this stitch cannot be used in the round, you must turn at the end of every row.

And here are my notes to help you on your way, should you be so inclined.

Page 1
 Pages 2 and 3
Pages 4 and 5

Happy crocheting!

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