Of Procrastination, Pixies and my Hand Crank Singer

My much loved hand crank Singer sewing machine, and the curtains

Procrastination. I’m very, very good at that. When you know something must be done, but you do anything to distract yourself from just getting on with it. That was me when faced with sewing the bedroom curtains.

I sat contemplating the machine, which made me realise I had no idea how it works. Obviously, I know it has thread on top which goes through a needle which goes up and down when I crank the handle. And I know it has a thread underneath wrapped round a spool, which turns when I crank the handle. But how do the two threads get married up to form a continuous stitch?

Just how does that stitch work?

Well, It’s obvious really. There must be a sewing machine pixie who lives inside the base of the machine. When you crank the handle she sprinkles fairy dust on the the needle as it comes down and pierces the fabric. Then the pixie magic kicks in and the stitch is made. Simple, and effective.

Thank you sewing machine fairy!

Musings over, I turned attention to the curtains and finished them and, yes, they look gorgeous, thank you.

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