Alpacas, the new Unicorns

Alpaca pattern bento style bag
The lined bag, with a whole herd of alpacas on it

Honestly, when was the last time you walked past a unicorn, I mean, a real, live unicorn? At least, while you were sober. I mean, we’ve all seen a few odd things when squiffy – I once saw a whole blessing of unicorns after a few too many pink martinis (recipe below). But, honestly, they’re not real.

Not like alpacas, which are real, although I still do a double take whenever I walk past a herd of alpacas in a field.

And in the cuteness stakes, alpacas have it all: elegant, long necks; soft and fluffy woolly, teddy bear fur; big eyes with luscious eyelashes; and a permanent grin. They’re docile and playful, and it’s impossible to walk past an alpaca without smiling. Impossible.

Which all goes to explain why, when I have yards and yards of beautiful material at home, I felt compelled to buy a metre or two of an alpaca pattern fabric on impulse from my local market. I made a craft bag out of some of it, because alpacas make me think of wool, and wool makes me think of knitting or crochet. The bag has pockets inside to hold small useful items like scissors, a tape measure and stitch markers, and it closes by tying the long handles together, bento bag style.

Interior of craft bag
Lots of space inside, and the pockets feature alpacas too

You can find more like this in my Folksy Shop

Pink martini

Pink martini

3 x 25 ml measures of vodka
1 x 25 ml measure of dry vermouth
4 dashes orange bitters
2 teaspoons Grenadine

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Sip and enjoy.

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