Well, if you have a sense of humour, weren’t born yesterday, can laugh at the ridiculous in life, like to read random stuff and love to shop for unique products, then you’ll feel at home here.

lesley_tony_p1030911-1Let’s be upfront about this.  I love designing, drawing, gardening, travel, photography, crocheting, sewing and generally being creative, and I sell my designs on-line through Zazzle, Society6 and Redbubble.  So yes, I’d love to sell them to you.  And that’s one reason for me being here on this blog, to advertise my products.

But, there’s more.  I’d like to make contact with people who have experienced life and have the wrinkles to prove it; who can laugh at the ridiculous; who can give advice learned from a lifetime; who can remember how things used to be, both the good and the bad.  Those who can ignore the dust when the sun shines and take the grandkids out to play.  But above all, those who are forever young at heart and in mind.

I started this blog with the New Year, in January 2017 and, no, it wasn’t a New Year’s resolution.  I don’t do those because I can’t keep them – like diets, I don’t do those either.  It simply just felt like the right time.  I’m fortunate in that I no longer need to go out to work for someone else for a living, so I have the time to stay at home and work on-line.  I also love designing, drawing, crocheting, cooking, sewing, working in my allotment and generally being creative.

So, who am I?  Well, I’ve been around a while, long enough to remember when the Beatles released their best album ever – Revolver.  I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in psychology, then worked in London and the Bahamas.  I returned to live in England where I juggled being a single parent with the demands of a full time career.

I live in my most favourite place in the world (and the most beautiful) – the Lake District in the North of England.  But I’ve also enjoyed living with the sun, sea and sand of Grand Bahama Island, the rural idyll of Herefordshire, the frenetic energy of London and the calm of south Devon.  Tony is my partner and soulmate, we share a love of walking and exploration, and it is his wonderful photography that you’ll see on my travel blogs, and in his Zazzle Store – Anthony T Steel

Life has been full of love and laughs, lots of change, rewarding, varied and busy.  And at times, tough, frustrating and bloody difficult!  Gin helps.

Now, I must give a big THANK YOU to you for reading this far!  

If you’d like to see my designs and Tony’s photos on Zazzle, please hit the big button below.

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Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun.

And if you like my verbal wanderings and musings I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I imagine it’s the law in your part of the world, but I don’t “close & accept” cookies from anybody, and the WordPress privacy notice covers up 99.99% of your follow button (I don’t do the email-follow version either, because the e-glut has already made it practically impossible for me to get anything done besides deleting marketing spam 😦 )

    I like what I’ve read here (LOVED humptytrumpty!!!) and would love to follow — It seems we have more in common than our memories and our view of the world. (I did click the teensy sliver peeking out below the Privacy & Cookies banner, but I can’t see if it “took.”)

    I think if you leave a comment under any one of the posts on my blog (even a smiley face), I’ll be offered a way to follow. Maybe not, but it’s worth a shot.

    In any case, I’ll be back.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


    1. Sorry about the cookie thing, but it is law in Europe. I agree with you too, I don’t close and accept either – they usually just float away of their own accord! And thank you for your comments, and I’ll be visiting you very soon.

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      1. DARN – no place to follow you on the comment screen either. I’ll try returning through “the front door,” opening a tab, then doing something else for a while, waiting for it to “float” of its own accord.

        I thought so about the law. Like most nuisance laws, it will change little and confound a lot. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that WordPress hasn’t addressed moving the location of their Follow button yet either. ::sigh::

        Where there’s a will there’s usually a way (if we don’t die of old age looking for it first 🙂 )

        Liked by 1 person

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